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Hand carved:

Picture frames and mirrors

Wall reliefs

Sculptures in the interior

furniture and Decoration

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„Wood is beautiful and is a work of nature. We give it a shape. Like this, it becomes the work of our hands and our imagination.“











Baroque frame to the mirror<span>230 GPB</span>
Egyptian frame<span>199 GBP</span>
Mirror in wood <span>60 GBP</span>
Frame with wings<span>75 GBP</span>
Statuette of the goddess Isis<span>199 GBP</span>
Big baroque frame<span>2.218 GBP</span>
Frame with feathers<span>35 GBP</span>
Gold frame<span>172 GBP</span>
Big Art Nouveau frame<span>2.597 GBP</span>
Relief - abstraction swans<span>105 GBP</span>
Bethlehem <span>347  GBP</span>
Bird in flight<span>17 GBP</span>
Madonna relief<span>61 GBP</span>
Birds<span>7 GBP</span>
Duck<span>17 GBP</span>
The relief of the Last Supper<span>207 GBP</span>


My name is Michal Šrotíř.

Since my childhood I was interested in anything in connection with fine arts. I have taken my first steps in regards of fine art in Olomouc, town where I was born. I was visiting lots of fine arts clubs for youths ( drawing, painting, modeling, etc.) So no wonder that I have started my elementary education in the only elementary art school in Olomouc in the age of 7.

I have actively dealt with woodcarving since I was 12 and that would be the main reason in choosing Secondary arts school in Tovacov and the subject Woodcarving. After I have succesfully passed the graduation I found work in the field as a restorer of stone monuments and fine arts plasterer.

I have become very experienced as I had a chance to work in this field abroad as well. ( London , Switzerland ) And must admit that experiences gained abroad has improved my point of view towards fine arts.

I deal with woodcarving on a daily bases as it is my hobby and part of every day job in my studio in Prague. My work is based on the attempt to approach the most detail of a given artwork. But what I like the most, is realization of my own imaginations and artworks. As a material I prefer wood of a lime tree as it provides lots of oportunities for a rendition of detailed elements and surface finishes.

Into the wood most often I create abstraction and historical styles, that in connection with modern times creates an original design. It is wooden carved picture frames along with sculptures and reliefs what can be concidered as my the most often production. Further on it is esthetic carvings on the furniture, Bethlehems and additional design items such as wall clock and various tiny sculptures.

Everything I do is beeing realized on the basis of mutual agreement or proposals from the clients or those I can propose separately on my own, but according to your wishes.


Michal Šrotíř, date of Birth: December 15, 1983 in Olomouc

1988-1995 – Art School Archa in Olomouc

1996-2000 – Elementary Art School Žerotín (Olomouc) studied wood-carving

2000-2004 – Secondary Art School SOU Tovacov, Branch: Arts and crafts woodworking – ends with graduation

2006 – Rekonstrukce a restaurování kamenných památek – Ladislav Werkmann s.r.o. Olomouc

  • • Sloup Nejsvětější Trojice v Olomouci – unesco
  • • Kostel Panny Marie Královny – Ostrava
  • • Kašna v květné zahradě v Kroměříži
  • • Renesanční zámek v Lipníku nad Bečvou
  • • Ruda nad Moravou – sousoší sv. Josefa

2007 – Charge wood

2008-2009 – Cutting historical picture frames – Graham Harrison LTD. London

2009 – Restoration and reconstruction of stone monuments – Ladislav Werkmann sro., Olomouc

  • • Terezska Gate – Olomouc
  • • Church of Our Lady Queen – Ostrava
  • • Chateau – Rosice

2011-2014 – Pracom s.r.o. Restoration and reconstruction of cultural monuments – Prague

  • • Salm Palace at Prague Castle
  • • Clock – Old Town Square in Prague – Unesco
  • • Theatre in Mülheim – Switzerland
  • • Matfyz – Lesser Town Square in Prague
  • • Church of the Epiphany (Cyrilka) – Velehrad
  • • Winter Riding School – Refrigerator
  • • Rapid Palace – Wenceslas Square in Prague

2014-2015 – Charge wood

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